Who We Are & What We Do

Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources by helping Chicago’s foodservice industry, and its supporters, reduce their collective environmental footprint.

For the Foodservice Industry

We guide foodservice industry members into a less impactful way of business by providing green alternatives in our Sustainability Assistance Program which, can will ultimately be considered a Guaranteed Green location. This designation is not only valuable for the environment but also for their business. Learn about how to qualify here!

Looking to make specific parts of your business more environmentally sustainable, we’ve provided a directory of Guaranteed Green foodservice products and related services in our Restaurant Resources Kit to aid this process! The kit covers 11 categories, from waste management to furnishings! Want your business to be included in the Restaurant Resources Kit and promoted as a Guaranteed Green option in Chicagoland? Support GCRC today.

For Consumers

GCRC values the purchasing power each consumer has, which is why we're producing Chicago’s most accurate and savvy green guide to dining out, eating in, and all of the labels that come with supporting Sustainable Food in Chicago. Check back this spring for the launch of our Sustainable Food Guide.  Find Guaranteed Green locations here to exercise this best-practices guide!

What we offer

We strive to make Chicago’s edible landscape the most sustainable it can be, one foodservice provider at a time. In order to make this possible we have provided resources for foodservice industry members and consumers on our website to help start and or further this process. Sport the sprouting fork and be proud to be green, so we can all be mindful eaters!