Our Mission

More than ever, members of the foodservice industry are embracing a responsibility to operate in environmentally conscientious ways, from sourcing food to conserving resources. Which is good, because it’s not just the planet they’re serving.

From diners to event planners, members of the public want to support restaurants and businesses who share their values and commitments. It influences their dining decisions as much as menus or prices.

But restaurateurs don’t always know what first steps to take, or the cost savings they could enjoy by taking them. The public doesn't always know how to identify those restaurants. Both need a partner—for resources, support and education.

We are Next Bites, a Chicago-based nonprofit.


We empower members of the foodservice industry and dedicated diners alike to reduce our collective footprint, bolstering the health of our planet and its people.

Next Bites was started in 2011 by Eloise Karlatiras as the Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition, an idea conceived in 2009 by Chicago Magazine’s Green Awards winners, Dan Rosenthal and Ina Pinkney. When the organization’s resources and reach began extending beyond the restaurant industry and beyond the city of Chicago, a new name was needed. GCRC became Next Bites in 2016.