Corporate Partnership & Sponsorship

As no two companies, organizations, or individuals are truly identical, the terms and benefits of all GCRC sponsorships and corporate partnerships are custom tailored to best meet the needs of both parties.

Corporate Partnership Qualifications

In order to qualify for a partnership with GCRC we require that certain standards are met. If you identify with any of the fields below then you are qualified to partake in a sponsorship or corporate partnership opportunity.

  • Guaranteed Green Restaurants

  • Parent company of a Guaranteed Green Restaurant

  • Suppliers, Manufacturers, or Providers of Guaranteed Green Products or Services

    • Only need one or more Guaranteed Green products or services to qualify

Guaranteed Green Product or Service Qualifications

In order for a product or service to qualify as Guaranteed Green, it must fulfill the following requirement:

  • Approved by an independent 3rd party certifying agency generally recognized within that industry for its credibility in validating the sustainability claims of the product. (e.g. Green Seal Certified cleaning supplies.)

    • If no qualifying third-party certification exists, the product, service or representative samples of the product line must have been recommended and field tested for efficacy for a minimum of 30 days by a GCRC member.

    • The entire product line need not have been approved in order for the company to qualify as a GCRC Endorsed Business Member.

For sponsorship and corporate partnership inquiries, please contact:

Eloise Karlatiras


We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support and encouragement from our corporate partners and founding members, thank you!

Corporate Partners

Founding Members

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